For Visitors Interested in Membership at RCC


Our Membership Matters classes are for anyone interested in joining the church or wanting to learn more about what we believe.

The class consists of seven sessions. They are as follows:

Session 1: Foundational Beliefs

This session focuses on two basic, foundational beliefs that one must have in order to be a member of Christ’s church.

Session 2: The Importance of the Church

This session focuses on the importance of the church in the life of a believer. We also look briefly at the history of Rockdale Community Church.

Session 3: The Importance of Membership

This session focuses on the need for every believer to join a local church, with some comments on how to properly leave a church.

Session 4: Our Statement of Faith

This session focuses on RCC’s Statement of Faith – its importance, its relationship to the Bible and to our Confession of Faith, and how we use our Statement of Faith.

Session 5: Our Church Covenant

This session focuses on RCC’s Church Covenant and how we strive to live together as members of a local church for the glory of God and the mutual good of each other. We also look at the benefits of covenant membership.

Session 6: Nuts & Bolts

This session focuses on the operational side of the church and the vital components that enable the church to function properly, for the glory of God.

Session 7: Any Last Questions?

The final session is an informal meeting with all the elders to discuss any final questions the membership candidates may have about RCC. This is also an opportunity for all the elders to get to know the prospective members and to pose any questions to the candidates or to make any final points of emphasis about RCC.

Joining the Church

After the sessions above are completed, the candidates may then join the church by making public covenant membership vows at a Sunday morning worship service.