History of RCC

  • The first worship service was held in the pastor’s home on May 8, 1994. There were about fifteen people in attendance, and their spiritual background was varied.
  • Because of the rapid growth of the group, worship was moved to a day care center in September of 1994 and RCC worshiped there through the end of 1995. During this time, the first elders were chosen.
  • From 1996 through part of 1998, the church rented space from the Conyers Seventh Day Adventist Church (since they meet on Saturday) and stayed there through 1998. During this time, the first group of deacons was selected.
  • In 1998, for a period of about three months, the church met at Shoal Creek Elementary School in Rockdale County.
  • For the balance of 1998 through early 2000, the remainder of the time was spent at Memorial Middle School, also in Rockdale County. Faced with a school board policy time limit of two years, RCC was again looking to move, but was unable to find a place until after the last worship service at Memorial Middle School. Under God’s sovereign providence and direction, the Young Americans Christian School building was made available for RCC to rent. The worship services were held on Sunday evening. This location was 2455 Old Salem Road in Conyers, which is our present location. Young Americans School soon began building a new larger facility and made plans to move.
  • The existing building was purchased by RCC, and Young Americans rented from RCC until their new building was completed. When the school eventually moved out after about a year’s time, RCC became the sole occupant of the building. By the gracious provision of God, we have been able to pay off the mortgage on the property.

Over the years since our beginning, the doctrine of RCC has gradually shifted to a Reformed Baptist theology. In 2008, the church officially adopted the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith. Shortly thereafter we revised and updated our by-laws, and wrote a brief Statement of Faith, which basically states what we believe and teach in a more concise way, and is subservient to the 1689 Confession of Faith. As God leads and directs, we desire to be “ever reforming” for our good and His glory.