Identity, part 1

Courtney Halubka
“Who am I?” “Where do I belong?” “Does my life matter?” “What gives me worth or
makes me valuable?” “How can I prove to myself or to others that I’m valuable and I
matter?” “Am I lovable; am I loved?” Do you ask yourself any of these questions? Where
do you look for the answers? Social media…How you’re able to present yourself there or
how many friends or likes you get? Academic or career success? The admiration of friends
or the opposite sex? The success of your children? The love of a boyfriend or spouse?
Personal accomplishments? What others say about you? Please join us as we seek God’s
perspective. He has answers for us!
Our speaker, Mrs. Courtney Halubka, holds an MA in intercultural studies from Southeast-
ern Baptist Theological Seminary. She served for a total of nine years as a missionary in East
Asia with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention where she was in-
volved in evangelism and discipleship of women. She has been involved in years of women’s Bi-
ble study through the local church and Bible Study Fellowship International. She currently lives in
the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania, where her husband is pastor of the English congregation of
Pittsburgh Chinese Church of Oakland, and they have four children. She serves in the church
through counseling, discipleship, and one on one Bible study and through leading and teaching in
the women’s ministry.